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Ditch The Carbs - Eat The Cake

Why Compromise When You Can

Have It Your Way

MsPatticakes Low-Carb Gluten Free

Pancake & Baking Mixes

Sugar, Soy, Dairy & Grain Free

Feel Lighter, Eat Better, Get More Energy

Keto, Diabetic, Vegan Friendly

Only 4 NetCarbs & 56 Calories Per Serving!

Manufactured in a 100% gluten free facility

Food For Fuel

MsPatticakes mixes are made with all natural ingredients. Created to give your body fuel to increase energy and curb those cravings.  Nutritionally better for the kids so they stay full longer!

A typical large pancake is 186 calories and 30 carbs. MsPatticakes pancakes are 60 calories and 5 to 8 carbs. That's worth celebrating! Enjoy!

Other products aren't designed to give you ingredient flexibility.

With MsPatticakes You Will Enjoy:

Choice of your own personal preferences (i.e. preferred sweetener, egg or egg substitute, liquids of choice);  no more empty carbs (keeps you full longer); elimination of gut issues; more energy;  guilt-free consuming of foods you thought you weren't allowed to eat;  and a unique blend that has no comparison in price or nutrition: 


Have you seen the carbs and sugars included in other products that claim

to be low carb and/or gluten free?  


Enjoy these custom made mixes: intentionally created with you in mind.

​"Not Your Grandma's Pancakes", you will love creating delicious, low carb gluten free    pancakes, waffles and baked goods.   Our healthy mixes are hand-crafted from the kitchen of Patti Betts, the creator.    All  natural,  you will Patti-cake your way through these yummy recipes and be glad you found the perfect product to keep your insides happier and healthier.

​When was the last time you told your child to go eat a cookie as an alternative to a snack?  You will be happy recommending and consuming food that fuels energy and doesn't give sugar highs or contain empty carbs.  You can do better with MsPatticakes mixes!  A little homemade effort goes a long way.


1 Mix = Limitless Opportunities


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